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Ink Card Fingerprints in Livermore, CA

If you are pursuing a job or a license outside of the state of California, your agency may ask you to send physical ink fingerprints instead of an electronic Live Scan. In that event, Livermore Live Scan is happy to provide ink card services to the Tri-Valley and beyond.

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Electronic FBI Channeling

We are also an Approved FBI Channeler through Applicant Services. That means that you can also receive electronic results from the FBI in hours, instead of days or weeks. Appointments for FBI Channeling must be set up on the Applicant Services website.

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What is an Ink Card?2020-05-21T19:52:33-07:00

Form FD-258, also known as an ink card, is the more traditional form of background checks. Ink cards are used in cases where LiveScan isn’t applicable. California’s LiveScan services are conducted through the State DOJ, and cannot be used across state lines. Ink card background checks, however, are conducted through the FBI, and can be used for out-of-state applications.

How much does and Ink Card cost?2020-05-21T19:52:45-07:00

An Ink Card is $25 per card.

Are you able to mail my Ink Card for me?2020-05-21T19:52:54-07:00

At this time, we are unable to mail Ink Cards from our office.

What is FBI Channeling?2020-07-09T15:08:23-07:00

FBI Channeling allows us to submit your fingerprint to the FBI without ink. Only Approved FBI Channelers are able to send prints electronically.

How do I start the FBI Channeling Process?2020-07-09T15:11:06-07:00

You can go to this link to begin your application to receive your FBI Report. It will walk you through all of the steps you’ll need to take before your appointment.

How much does FBI Channelling cost?2020-07-09T15:14:06-07:00

You will need to pay a fee of $47 on the Applicant Services website. This means that you will not need to pay at the Live Scan office.

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