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The service was quick. The technician was thorough and efficient.

Quick and Easy!

Nice place to live scanning.people very kind and patience.

Excellent, very easy & helpful.

Awesome, professional and fast service!

Great. Prepared and clean and sterile

It was very easy to make a fingerprint appointment online. The in person visit turned out to be even easier and with top notch service.

Quick and professional

Great experience, very quick, easy and professional

The experience was beyond reproach, everything that was required by me was handled without complications. He was very efficient and knowlegable of what was needed.

It was great

Excellent service. Very professional and succinct. Very helpful and down to earth. A-1 SERVICE

You guys were great!! Thank you so much!

Christian was very efficient, helpful and polite, Thank you!

It was a pleasant experience and I was in and out in no time. The whole area is quiet, it was easy to find parking and find the office inside the building.

I will definitely be back if I need the service again.

This spot is chill and the woman was friendly and quick. There was a check-in discount, but since I was with the school district, I got an automatic discount. THE most affordable Livescan service, and an overall pleasant experience. Trust me- I have lost count of how many times I have gotten my fingerprints done- but this place stands out as being one of the most pleasant experiences.

They also happen to be a notary and takes care of other related services as well.

Helpful… welcoming… educated! I went to AAA and didn’t have my print Outs because my printer crapped out on me. AAA wouldn’t print it. I found someone to print them and help me with that. But I walk in guy was attentive super nice… and I asked hey if I didn’t have an application would you have printer one for me? He said yeah of course! There that’s customer service. I will recommend everyone here! AAA Livescan… avoid it. Lady is snotty! Livermore Livescan makes a stressful situation way better!

I dropped in without an appointment; the whole process less than 10 minutes. Very quick and painless.

I actually didn’t realize that getting a Live Scan isn’t always the same; I’ve been a couple of different places, and the process of doing all the fingerprints can take a surprisingly long time. Luckily, that is not the case here.

I have used Livermore Live Scan a number of times. As a volunteer in multiple youth organizations, each one requires a separate scan. Livermore Live Scan was very helpful in working around my schedule and assisting me every time. The service was friendly and the price was reasonable. We even utilized their services to come out to a volunteer site to scan a large group of volunteers.
I highly recommend Livermore Live Scan.

Went in to get fingerprinted for some volunteer work. I prefilled the form I needed and and in and out in 10 minutes. The person there was very polite and efficient. I was surprised that I was the only the second person there all day (it was 1:15pm on a Saturday and they opened at 10am). I asked and was told that Saturday was the slowest day and thus the best day to come in if you don’t have a lot of time.

Excellent service. I was able to schedule and ask questions over the phone after a really frustrating experience with aaa live scan. Christian was pleasant, knowledgeable, and helpful. They had great precautionary measures with covid-19. I didn’t see any clear signs outside the building, but if you follow the address or read up on their site its easy to find them. Christian has done this so many times. I was in and out in minutes. I am so grateful to see good customer service, a clean office, and closeby competency. Don’t go anywhere else in Livermore

Great people, quick, easy time. 10/10 would recommend

Very professional, was in and out in 15 minutes. Christian was incredibly quick and efficient at the fingerprints, in particular.

Beverly was patient and very kind. The form I had did not have filled in all the information, and she took the extra step of calling the agency to find out what she needed. Wonderful friendly service!

Kind of weird to find but found and was a very fast process. You have to know the room number to find which you will be able to on there website.