You are required to have a Request for LiveScan Service Form in order to get a LiveScan. You will not be able to get a scan with out a form.

Most agencies will provide you with a LiveScan form specific to your type of scan. These forms contain important information that tells the DOJ what level of service is required for your scan, as well as where to send the results. You are free to fill the form out before you bring it to the office, as we don’t need to witness it.

Some agencies make their forms available online. We have collected those forms here for your convenience. As a courtesy, we also provide a link to a blank Request form. It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain the ORI code, complete Contributing Agency information, and obtain the agency’s Mail Code. We cannot process your Live Scan without this information.

If you are printing a form from our site, we highly recommend confirming with your agency that your have chosen the correct form before bringing it to the office.We cannot be held responsible if the incorrect form is brought to us.

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